Ken Yokoyama-Fourのレビュー


アーティスト名 Ken Yokoyama(横山健)
発売日 2010/3/10
国内盤 Four


1. Kill For You
2. What It Means To Love
3. Punk Rock Dream
4. Your Safe Rock
5. Lost You
6. Cute Girls
7. Don’t Make Me Pissed Off,Fuckin’ Son Of A Bitch
8. Falling From Grace
9. It’s My Way, Go Your Way
10. Kokomo
11. Sleep
12. Let The Beat Carry On
13. Still Burning
14. Addams Family The Theme

Ken Yokoyama-Third Time’s A Charmのレビュー

Third Time's A Charm

アーティスト名 Ken Yokoyama(横山健)
発売日 2007/9/5
国内盤 Third Time’s A Charm


1. Why
2. Not Fooling Anyone
3. Go With The Flow
4. Dry Spell
5. That Girl
6. Happy Days
7. Ricky Punks II(The Lamepire Strikes Back)
8. Movin’ On
9. Father’s Arms
10. Daydream Believer
11. Do It Again
12. Fuck Up,Fuck Up
13. Cheap Shot
14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow(INSTRUMENTAL)
15. I Love

Ken Yokoyama-Nothin’ But Sausageのレビュー

Nothin' But Sausage

アーティスト名 Ken Yokoyama(横山健)
発売日 2005/11/9
国内盤 Nothin’ But Sausage


1. Cherry Blossoms
2. Jealous
3. I Can’t Smile At Everyone
4. How Many More Times
5. Last Train Home
6. Empty Promises
7. Summer Of ’99
8. Sleepwalk
9. Remember Me
10. Say What I Want
11. Lucky
12. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
13. So Sorry
14. Torn
15. Ten Years From Now

Ken Yokoyama-The Cost Of My Freedomのレビュー

The Cost Of My Freedom

アーティスト名 Ken Yokoyama(横山健)
発売日 2004/2/18
国内盤 The Cost Of My Freedom


1. I Go Alone
2. The Cost Of My Freedom
3. Waiting For So Long
4. Eight-Hour Drive
5. Handsome Johnny
6. I’m Not Afraid When I’m With You
7. Love Me Slowly
8. Funny Things
9. Popcorn Love
10. The Story Of The Fallin’ Sleet
11. Believer
12. Coming Back To You
13. Running On The Winding Road
14. Longing (A Quiet Time)